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Marketing Your Series: Planning for a Solid Launch & Book Sales

intranasal desmopressin acetate East Lake Article by Guest Contributor: Lindsay Buroker Let’s talk about publishing and marketing a series today. It’s generally what you’ll hear authors recommend doing, since it can be tough to gain traction with readers when you’re doing unrelated stand-alone novels. A series has the potential to be a bread-winner for an author, with later books in […]

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A Business Case Study for Self-Publishing

tarneit gay asian dating La Virginia A Business Case Study for Self-Publishing Traditional book publishing is a laborious and expensive process.  According to R.R. Bowker, Co., the book publishing industry in the U.S. is comprised of no less than 82,000 organizations producing over 200,000 titles a year.  Authors wishing to see their works published must not only write their book but […]

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