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To the benefit of all of us, the world is filled with wise and virtuous people. Though many of them seem ordinary, they are all around us. This book is about some of them and the timeless bits of wisdom they have offered to us. It is not, however, a tribute to their inspiration and spirit. It is about that which they offered our world and how they so innocently were able to change it.

To accomplish this, the author examines some of our most treasured virtues and uses fascinating (and often suspenseful), true-life stories to demonstrate the meaning and value of virtuosity within our society. Following each story, the author provides an array of thought-provoking quotes from the famous and the obscure. This book will rekindle your faith in humanity, restore your belief in the greatness of human character, and ignite the flame of morality inside you. You will find it educational as well as entertaining. Here is what a few readers have said about Virtues & the Virtuous:

“At a time when many look to works of fiction for comfort or distraction, or imaginary characters for strengths and pronouncements, Gene’s work is a welcome reminder that the best of who we are is found among all of us. The reminders of character, courage, and conviction are a welcome read, as are the well written stories of regular people reflecting extraordinary traits and accomplishing so much in the face of challenge.”

—Robert J. Feldhake, Esq., Attorney 

“A truly inspirational read for folks of all ages and from all walks of life. Gene’s unique writing style reaches to the depths of our inner being and leaves us with the notion we are all capable of great and wondrous accomplishments when either given the opportunity or faced with seemingly insurmountable challenges.”

—Richard Corona, Banker 

“As a lifelong educator, this book has a real place in the classrooms for today’s children. Wonderful narratives, reminders of other’s words, and the author’s own insights provide the reader with optimism, hope, and an appreciation for the gifts we all have to share.”

—Maria J. O’Neill, MS.ED., Principal and Educator 


Virtues & the Virtuous: Inspiring Lesson and Insights about Virtue, Virtuosity, and the Essence of the Human Spirit transcends culture, borders, race, and religion. This book will change the way you view the world and people around you. Regardless of your age, gender, or faith, this book will lift your spirit and entertain you. And when finished reading it, you will want to share it with everyone you know. More praise:

“What an impressive and entertaining read Virtues is. I love the stories in each chapter and being surprised by who they were about. The endless lists of quotes on each virtue is both inspiring and meditative. This is a great gift for anyone!”

—Pamela Snyder, Conventions Specialist

“Three decades as a professional educator have taught me the importance of providing students with positive, inspirational stories and quotes. Mr. Ferraro’s Virtues and the Virtuous provides a unique resource for those educators, parents, and caring individuals wanting to spark positive behavior within our youth. Meaningful experiences occur when humanity embraces the insight and wisdom within the pages of Virtues and the Virtuous.”

—Lu Royce, Public School Educator 

“For an author to lift this reader’s spirits to such heights of appreciation is a rare talent. This work points to the unconquered human spirit that endures the travails of life with grace. Each story is a petal in the opened lotus, the enduring symbol of enlightenment.”

—Barbara Wright, Artist


This book belongs in everyone’s library and makes for a perfect gift. Look for Volumes II, III and IV coming soon on Amazon.

More praise for Virtues & the Virtuous includes:

“A compelling and uplifting read. This wonderful book stimulates in-depth thought into the quality of our humanity.”

—Mick Moritz, Retired Consultant

“Thank you, Gene, for the uplifting stories of average people accomplishing quite remarkable things. For those who perhaps may need a small nudge of encouragement to do or say the courageous thing at some point, this may be just the inspirational tipping point they need. Well done, sir!”

James E. Whitaker, Consultant

“Virtues & the Virtuous is a sweet reminder of all that is good in the world. Every act of kindness, no matter how small, nurtures our soul and feeds the planet. Pass it along—we all need to remember what truly matters.”

—Gayla Wick, Author

“Our hearts are warmed and strengths renewed with Gene’s powerful words. We are deeply honored that our son’s virtuous life story is the first among this collection of inspirational reflections that invite every reader to strive for a higher purpose and a greater good.”

—Michael A. Crane, Esq., Consultant

“This book will stir the emotions of anyone who desires to improve the quality of life for himself and those around him. As I read each chapter, I found myself thinking of how this powerful message would benefit my friends, colleagues, and acquaintances, who will be strengthened by the inspiring quotes from those we trust and admire. Virtues & the Virtuous will definitely influence how you life your life and lead others.”

—Bill Jurgens, Director of Athletics, Florida Tech

“Virtue, a seldom-heard word, embodies the best of us; decency, honor, righteousness, integrity, morality, and yes, even courage. Uplifting and inspiring, Gene Ferraro captures poignant teachings to ingest and contemplate. Truly a pleasurable read.”

—Francie Koehler, CPI, Professional Investigator

“There is enjoyment in such a unique gift in writing style. It is not a bland narrative; it is, however, alive with provocative style and substance. Especially touching is the use of historical quotes that bring to life what Gene personally shares. The reader will find this easy to pic up and read a few quotes, pages, or chapters to energize their day.”

—Dean Beers, Legal Investigator

“Mr. Ferraro is a noted expert in his field, and the success of his previous books are a testimonial to his ability to make the complex simple and easy to understand. I always recommend his work to my students to expand their knowledge and to develop their spirit. I could not put this book down.”

—Dr. Richard Gayer, Educator

“This book should be kept in one’s library for reference and personal inspiration. Reading this book is an excellent and interesting study of virtuosity that offers something for everyone. Thank you for a great and memorable read.”

—Cecil Paxton, Author

“So many of us operate in a profession that presents real world challenges, a profession that is demanding and one that can be very unforgiving. The sacred and the virtuous are often absent or inconsequential in corporate America today. In Virtues & the Virtuous, Gene not only shares personal stories, as well as other’s experiences that will strike the heart to compassion and strength, and instill grace in the very soul that God created within us all.”

—Bill Pellerin, Corporate Investigator

“Another exceptional book from a gifted author. Gene now shares with us his lifetime of observing the essences of the human experience. Once again, Gene delivers a truly thought provoking and deeply inspirational stories and quotes of wisdom. Gene’s keen eye to detail, when looking deeply into life’s greater experience, has resulted in timely and profound analysis of the impact of a virtuous life.”

—Rob Brown, Engineer


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