Why publish a customized ghost-written book?

Books_iconFor some authors, engaging a ghostwriter to produce their work is the best solution.  Many of today’s best-selling books were written by ghostwriters.  The authors used ghostwriters because they had neither the time nor the skill to write for themselves.  Making the best use of their time and resources, they hired someone else to write for them.  As such, good ghostwriters are in high demand.  To meet that need, AuthorVista offers ghostwriting services limited to topics of high interest and demand.  We are very selective in the projects we accept and resultantly decline most requests. 

Regardless, our ghostwritten works are written to capture the author’s voice and style while communicating the author’s message in an intelligent and artful manner.  These are high-end works often taking six months or more to complete.  Our fees are competitive and our work impeccable.  For more information and a quote contact us.

How to get started

To get started you will need to decide how your book will be positioned.  Positioning drives the book’s topic, depth, and format.  It involves carefully determining the book’s purpose.  Will it be used to promote an organization, or one of its products or services; or is it for the purpose of promoting goodwill or the author himself?  With our assistance, the author then selects the topic, style, and format for the work from our online library.  Next, the author may choose to personalize the title and cover.  If desired, the author contributes a dedication page, a new preface, or even a personalized introduction or chapter.  Once these options have been provided, the new cover and content (if any) are laid into the already formatted book, and the new work is instantly printed.  

publishingBooks of this type can be produced in either a softcover, hardcover, or eBook format–or all three.  In more instances, a new book takes as few as 10 days to produce and arrive on the author’s doorstep.  The greater the amount of customization, the longer the process.  However, once the book is completed, POD publishing allows the completed work to be printed and shipped in any quantity in as little as 48 hours.

However, the best reason to publish a ghost written book is the price!  The author’s price per book for a softcover (perfect bound with UV full-color cover) book purchased from AuthorVista, of 225 pages or less, is typically less than $10.  The quality matches that of any book you will find in premium bookstores.  Books can be ordered in any quantity and shipped to any destination the author chooses.  In a matter of just a few clicks, and a couple of days, an author is born, and a dream is realized. Nothing could be simpler or more exciting!