Customized Pre-written Books

Customized Pre-written Books

ghostwrite 2Surprisingly, many of today’s best-selling books were written by ghostwriters. The “authors” used ghostwriters because they had neither the time nor the skill to write for themselves. Whether they are military leaders, politicians, doctors, business tycoons, or celebrities, the vast majority of our most admired authors are actually not authors at all. Making the best use of their time and resources, they hired someone else to write for them. The challenge, of course, has always been finding a writer who is able to capture the author’s voice and style while possessing sufficient knowledge of the topic to be written upon.

Historically, cost has been another obstacle. Good ghostwriters are in high demand. For technical and non-technical, nonfiction ghost-written works, authors can expect to pay $15,000-$50,000 per work. For celebrity, nonfiction ghosted works (few, if any celebrities write their own books), fees range from $50,000-$250,000 per work.

At AuthorVista, there is a simple solution. Instead of hiring a ghostwriter, the author simply selects a topic and the book from a library of existing works, and with the help of its publisher, personalizes it to his liking. Then, using a new technology called printing-on-demand (POD), the customized book is quickly and economically produced in gleaming, bookstore quality. The technology enables a book of any design to be printed easily and efficiently. Like magic, using POD and an existing ghost-written book, the author creates that wonderful book he always wanted to publish. For a fraction of the price of traditional publishing, anyone can become a published author almost instantly. Just think… the book you have always wanted to write may have already been written. It’s just waiting for your personal touch and your name to be placed on its cover!

AuthorVista is the place where authors are born, and their dreams are realized!

Why publish a customized pre-written book?

Good books are powerful tools.  A well-written, informative book is capable of promoting a product, idea, concept, best practice, invention, service, or business.  Good books also provide their authors an element of immortality.  They are capable of building and restoring reputations and establishing the author as an expert and authority in his or her field or profession.  Books give their authors credibility, respect, and power–and sometimes they even make them famous.

Books are also fun, easy to promote, and most of all, a pleasure to give and share.  Everyone wants to know an author.  As such, for those in business, a useful book is a powerful marketing tool, business promoter, lead generator, and exquisite way of saying “thank you”.

Books also promote goodwill, build customer confidence, and help build relationships.  Think about it–who doesn’t like to be given a good book; who doesn’t want to know a real author; and whoever threw away an autographed book?  That’s right, people will want an autographed copy of your book!

By using the services of a pre-written customizable book publisher like AuthorVista, any author can enjoy all of these benefits and never write a single word!  As the name suggests, pre-written customizable books are already written.  Our books on topics such as leadership, ethics, sales, and business are already edited, fact-checked, proofed, and formatted for printing.  All the author needs to do is affix his or her name to the work and claim authorship.  If ambitious, the author may change the title or cover, contribute a dedication page, a preface, or even a fresh and lively introduction.  Regardless, the hard work is already done.

In just days, not months or years, the author can enjoy all of the benefits and joys of being a published author.  By cutting out agents, traditional big-name publishers, printers, and distributors, the author can not only save time, but money as well.  In a matter of days, absolutely anyone can put his new book into the hands of an eager reader, colleague, customer, or friend.  In doing so, the author instantly enjoys all the benefits of authorship with none of it’s inconveniences or work.