Author Shepherding

Author Shepherding

editing-ratesA Book Shepherd is someone who can take your book idea or manuscript through all of the necessary processes to create a finished book. But our services go beyond that, preparing the soon-to-be author with writing assistance, layout and book design, branding, positioning, and professional promotion.

Do you really need a Book Shepherd?

There are five fundamental reasons why the assistance of a qualified and experienced book shepherd is necessary. AuthorVista:

  1. Saves you money. Producing your first book can be filled with hassles, frustrations, delays and potential costly mistakes. A shepherd can steer you clear of them so you don’t waste time and money. AuthorVista pays for itself by avoiding mistakes and delays and ensures the creation of a marketable and popular book.
  2. Saves you time. AuthorVista knows the easiest and most efficient route to success. Whether self-publishing or taking the traditional route of finding a publisher, manuscript preparation takes time. AuthorVista knows the publishing business because he or she has been published. They know the fastest and most efficient route to success.
  3. Assures that the manuscript is properly designed and prepared. Most first-book authors know they need things like an ISBN, LCCN, SAN, P-CIP, etc., to ensure the book is properly recognized and distributed to the market.  AuthorVista will help you obtain them and show you how to maximize their benefits.
  4. Connects you to important resources. Whether crafting a beautiful and impactful cover or writing a compelling introduction, most authors need assistance. Good ideas don’t sell books, good books sell books. Your book needs a professional look and feel. AuthorVista knows what resources to use to accomplish the creation of a good book and where to find them.
  5. Provides leadership and direction. Successful book publishing is a team effort. Most authors cannot effectively write and manage the publishing of their work at the same time. The demands are too great to go it alone. AuthorVista provides organization and leadership where it is necessary and most effective.

Book-Marketing-TimelineAuthorVista helps in other ways as well.  It is not enough for most authors to simply be published, most authors want their book to sell.  AuthorVista assists the author with positioning and marketing. We collaborate with the author to formulate a great title, subtitle (yes, you need a subtitle), and cover to wrap your book. We support the author in finding their voice, while writing fluidly and convincingly.

AuthorVista also finds the right distribution channels so that the finished product sells and sells big.  Imagine, sitting at a table, doing your very own book signing!


How to get started

The process begins with the need or desire to become an author.  Once the author has made the decision to write, he or she should decide the purpose of the new book.  Will it be used to promote his organization or one of its products or services; or is it for the purpose of promoting goodwill or the author himself?  Next, consider whether you have the time and skill to publish alone.  If you do, great!  If not, AuthorVista can help.  Simply contact us with your idea and a description of the assistance you think you need.  In most cases, we respond in 24 hours or less.