About Us

AuthorVista is a new kind of publisher. It was the idea of Gene Ferraro, our publisher. Gene is a successful author who became tired of dealing with big-name publishers. With over 20 books and more than 500 articles to his credit, he began ghostwriting. In a short period of time, his books sold thousands of copies, and his work was in high demand. Then one day, a prospective author asked if he’d customize a book, which Gene had already written but had not yet published. Agreeing to the arrangement, Gene created his first customized ghost-written book and bingo! —a new business was created. Today AuthorVista’s books are sold the world over, and Gene still writes many of them. Not only do we assist authors with the development and preparation of their book, we handle all aspects of the publishing process and distribution.

Gene also coaches writers and authors, and assists them with getting their works published. His book shepherding services help authors who have a book idea or manuscript, build and market their work. Gene and his team help both new and establish authors get properly and efficiently published with the recognition and rewards they deserve!